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St. Maximilliancolbe Health College was established in 2015. We serve the best at providing Education in Health Courses. We offer the course of Technician Certificate in Pharmaceutical Science NTA Level 5 We have enough infrastructures to support the students' learning, accommodation and social activities. Each year, our students sit for the Ministry of Health Exams. The previous results show that 100% of the students at STMHC have passed while none has failed the Ministry exams. Our Proud team of teachers and Administrators make sure the college gives out the best students at the Field of Pharmacy. All students who graduated from STMHC have been hired in various Pharmacy, Hospitals while others are self-employed.

Our Vision

To be a leader in training, developing and supporting people to become highly qualified medical professionals to serve for the society health needs

Our Mission

To provide exceptional health education and provide support for health related studies and researches with state of the art facilities to cast for the society health and needs